Shhh…NO talking about the V.

Have you said the words Vagina or Penis lately? Statistics say that 83% of children do not learn the proper words used for their genitalia until the 2nd grade. The average elementary school begins teaching sex ed. In the 5th grade, by this time many children have already been exposed to pornography. We, as parents, have to be the ones to talk to our kids about anatomy and sex!

Research estimates that 90 percent of children first learn about sex through viewing pornography, with the average age being just 9 years old. And this isn’t just a boys-only problem. Though pornography use is more prevalent with boys, girls are viewing it as well.

I am sure we have all seen the movies or TV shows where the parent is stuttering over their words with their teenagers to talk about sex. According to these statistics, we have really missed the window by this time. 

These are overwhelming statistics in an age where sex has become so, very casual. But, I am not going to write about sex today, I just want to talk about our daughters today.

We, as a society are failing our young women by not educating them on their anatomy, what to expect with puberty, and many young women do not have a confidant to discuss how they are feeling about the changes that are taking place. 

Did you know that nearly 90% of women under the age of 25, do not know what a Vulva is? But almost all of them know what a “clit” is! Their information usually coming from some crude jokes they heard in high school or even their first job!

So I encourage you Mama’s, Grandma’s, Aunt’s or older Sister’s, start talking to these kids while their young. Use proper words. If they ask a question about their anatomy, or sex or anything, give them a frank, correct and truthful answer. Without chuckles, or stuttering. Don’t make Vagina a dirty word, nor clitoris or vulva. Just be honest with these children, if you don’t teach them, someone will. 

As a Mom of 8 children, 7 being daughters, I know the struggle. It was difficult at first, but now 27 years into parenting, I am pretty sure at least one of those words are used daily. Most of the time correctly….LOL. 

Enjoy your babies!