Christ Centered Holistic Healthcare

Holistic healthcare treats the body, mind, and spirit as interconnected rather than separate entities. Holistic practitioners believe that treating the body or the mind solely with western methods  will result in imbalances that are harmful to your overall well-being. Chiropractic treatments in particular treat both body and mind, and Christ centered holistic healthcare seeks to …

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Inspiration from our Newest Wellness Team Member!

Welcome Fellow Pilgrims!Whether you are well-seasoned in the holistic lifestyle or you are just beginning toexplore and embrace it because you want the absolute best for your baby, let’s behonest, it’s kinda hard, isn’t it? Especially, when it sometimes feels like you are all alonein a foreign land!For those just starting, it’s hard to know …

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COVID-19: Pregnancy and the Immune System

Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to illness during pregnancy because of their compromised immune system, specifically during the 2nd trimester. The immune system is repressed due to the foreign DNA (father’s DNA) within the fetus. The stress that pregnancy puts on a pregnant body is important to take into consideration when discussing the immune system. …

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