Compassionate Pregnancy & Birth Care for Sexual Abuse Survivors

Lucie BryantMidwifery, Sexual Abuse

In Due Season is a prenatal office and birthing center in Pasco county, staffed by midwives and mental health care professionals. We wish to provide a safe, comfortable environment for sexual trauma survivors to feel safe and well-cared for during the amazing life event of becoming a mother. Our services are aimed at understanding how a trauma-informed approach can be … Read More

Sexual Abuse and Childbirth: What’s the Connection?

Lucie BryantBirth Story, Midwifery, Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse and Childbirth: What's the Connection?

My name is Lucie Bryant. I am the owner and founder of In Due Season Pregnancy Wellness Center in Zephyrhills, Florida. And I want to share my story. (WARNING: Content may be triggering) I am now going to go out of everyone’s comfort zone and talk about a subject that is often ignored, most often purposefully because it makes people uncomfortable. … Read More