Shhh…NO talking about the V.

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Have you said the words Vagina or Penis lately? Statistics say that 83% of children do not learn the proper words used for their genitalia until the 2nd grade. The average elementary school begins teaching sex ed. In the 5th grade, by this time many children have already been exposed to pornography. We, as parents, have to be the ones … Read More

Sexual Abuse and Childbirth: What’s the Connection?

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Sexual Abuse and Childbirth: What's the Connection?

My name is Lucie Bryant. I am the owner and founder of In Due Season Pregnancy Wellness Center in Zephyrhills, Florida. And I want to share my story. (WARNING: Content may be triggering) I am now going to go out of everyone’s comfort zone and talk about a subject that is often ignored, most often purposefully because it makes people uncomfortable. … Read More