Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy, Infants, Kids, & Entire Family

For Optimal Mobility, Function, & Wellness

Dr. Joshua Ledbetter, D.C.

  • Pregnant Mothers

    Your body goes through amazing changes during pregnancy. However, pre-existing spinal conditions can cause pelvic misalignment which may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. Read more about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy.

  • Postpartum Mothers

    Since chiropractic care benefits both the musculoskeletal & nervous systems, spinal adjustments may help correct hormonal imbalances, pelvic misalignment, & breastmilk production issues.

  • Newborns

    Giving birth can be physically traumatic for your baby depending on the amount of intervention during the birth process. A newborn should be checked shortly after birth to ensure that her delicate spine is aligned.

  • Young Children

    Crawling, falling, learning to walk, running, playing & bad posture can all cause spinal issues causing headaches, mood issues, earaches and variety of other symptoms. Regular wellness visits for your children will help prevent serious issues as they grow.

  • Student Athletes

    Many professional athletes have a chiropractor on hand to help keep them in peak physical condition. Our staff chiropractor will educate your student on proper movement and injury prevention as well as address any performance issues.

  • Working Parents

    Whether it's an office job, manual labor, or homemaking, parents experience injury, stress, bad posture at the computer, & simply sleeping wrong. Spinal misalignment can affect all aspects of your health.

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