Inspiration from our Newest Wellness Team Member!

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”  – Jim Rohn

Welcome Fellow Pilgrims!
Whether you are well-seasoned in the holistic lifestyle or you are just beginning to
explore and embrace it because you want the absolute best for your baby, let’s be
honest, it’s kinda hard, isn’t it? Especially, when it sometimes feels like you are all alone
in a foreign land!
For those just starting, it’s hard to know where to begin, for those who have been at it
awhile, it can be hard to maintain, and no matter where you’re at on the path, perhaps
hardest of all is how frustrating it is to feel like you constantly need to defend your
healthy lifestyle choices to family and friends who are supposed to be supporting you
right now!!!
We know because we have been there! So, let us extend you a caring hand to hold
during your journey because certainly this is a journey that is worth taking. We here at
In Due Season Birth Center and Family Wellness are here to walk these hard roads with
you and will cheer you on as you make the lifestyle changes that best suit you and your
Over the next few months, we will walk through some ways to be most successful in
implementing and sticking with the lifestyle changes you are hoping to undertake (or
Your homework until then is to begin to think about how you speak to yourself. If you
catch yourself having an internal dialogue with yourself that you would never have with
another human being, push the pause button and extend yourself some grace.
This season of your life is full of change and change even the good kind, can produce a
certain level of uncertainty and anxiousness. So, be kind to yourself and learn to speak
about and to yourself as you would to someone you dearly love!
Realize that those negative words you think or speak to yourself are likely coming from
a place of frustration (stress). What caused this? What is that negativity doing to your
physical and emotional health? Are your jaws clinched tight? Check in with your
breathing, is it more rapid? Are you feeling angry, or tearful? Now if you are feeling all of
that, imagine what impact this might be having on your precious cargo?
We are all guilty of negative self-talk from time to time. We just need to understand that
it won’t help us accomplish our lifestyle goals, but truly loving ourselves will.
It’s time to change the narrative! Next time you feel that negative self-talk starting to
rise to the surface, try speaking/thinking this instead… “well, that didn’t go as I had
hoped, but I choose grace over guilt. I choose to acknowledge that I may not do
everything perfectly every time and that’s ok, I still love me!” …and, know that we love
you too!


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