Food Matters: What we eat and how we feel

Lucie BryantNutrition

 What you eat.
Ever heard the saying, ‘you are what you eat’?  What are YOU? Some genetically modified chemicals that your body attempts to process and eliminate, but ends up most times just storing? Or are you something that your body actually recognizes as fuel? I believe that the obesity epidemic in our country stems from that very reason. Most food produced today in our country is generally highly processed, often genetically modified and contains many FDA approved chemicals that have the potential to damage our health.


Your Body is hungry.

People are hungry. Their bodies are being starved of nutrients, minerals and vitamins so they are really hungry; they eat but their bodies aren’t satisfied because what they are eating is not recognized by the body as food, and the cycle continues. So take a multi-vitamin, they say, and you can get those nutrients you need. The trouble with that is that most vitamin products in the stores are made of synthetic ingredients that only give your body another thing to sort through.


Make a change.

When we sit down and chat I will look at the types of food you go-to on a daily basis and learn what particular challenges you may be facing, as well as what you would like to see change or improve in your health. I would like to educate you about food choices and look at how you can improve yours. I believe all our bodies are different and there is no one diet that fits everybody. I would enjoy getting a few people together and cooking some different things, which is lots of fun to encourage new foods, flavors and methods of cooking and is also a way to find the joy of creating and enjoying delicious food with family or friends. Food matters!!


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