Midwife Model of Care

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Birth Philosophy and the Midwife Model of CareThe midwife model of care is based upon the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. Midwives monitor the physical, psychological and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle. The midwife will provide the mother with individualized education, counseling and prenatal care, continuous hands on assistance during labor and … Read More

Compassionate Pregnancy & Birth Care for Sexual Abuse Survivors

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In Due Season is a prenatal office and birthing center in Pasco county, staffed by midwives and mental health care professionals. We wish to provide a safe, comfortable environment for sexual trauma survivors to feel safe and well-cared for during the amazing life event of becoming a mother. Our services are aimed at understanding how a trauma-informed approach can be … Read More

A Bit about Midwifery Care

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Who are midwives? There are so many articles one can read about midwives. Who are midwives? What do they do? This is an article from a midwife perspective. Many have read articles about midwives. One of the first definitions you see is the word midwife means “with woman”. I believe that to be a very oversimplified statement. As a midwife, … Read More

The Life of a Midwife: Midwife on the run

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The life of a midwife. I want to serve women. Keep them safe. Empower them. Encourage them. Learn with them and from them. Educate them. Believe in them. Help them to trust their body. Awaken in the morning and instantly grab your phone from the nightstand to double check that you did not miss a late night phone call, text … Read More

“You want to have your baby where?!”: Talking with loved ones about your home birth decision

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“Wait, What?!? You’re going to have your baby WHERE? WHY?” This was the response after talking to my family. I was NOT going to have a traditional hospital birth – I was going to have a home birth with a midwife. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom who just a few month earlier had a(n) “un”necessary c-section. When I explained my … Read More

One Word Every Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear From Her Provider

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Word Every Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

Of course, I’m going to make you read the entire blog post to find out what word I’m talking about… I’ve always been a “think outside the box” kind of girl – alway challenging the social norms and asking the “why” question. It never made sense to me that after thousands and thousands of years of human history and survival … Read More

Sexual Abuse and Childbirth: What’s the Connection?

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Sexual Abuse and Childbirth: What's the Connection?

My name is Lucie Bryant. I am the owner and founder of In Due Season Pregnancy Wellness Center in Zephyrhills, Florida. And I want to share my story. (WARNING: Content may be triggering) I am now going to go out of everyone’s comfort zone and talk about a subject that is often ignored, most often purposefully because it makes people uncomfortable. … Read More